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Prosperous Community Foundation (PCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (a division of the International Police & Veterans Foundation, that was established to empower the citizens of every neighborhood with the skills and knowledge to create safer and more resilient communities. In the spirit of the America, we believe our communities not only have the responsibility but the capacity to contribute to the safety and well-being of every New Yorker, regardless of their cultural, religious and racial background.



Our vision is to create a proactive and resilient community by promoting safety and well-being, while providing practical life-saving skills and hands-on experiences, such as active shooter training, self-defense training for men and women, and more. We also envision a more inclusive community that respects and celebrates diversity. Therefore, we aim to bridge the gap between every community through shared values and concerns about safety, peace, and well-being.



Our core program is our patrol services, which begins with the training of our volunteered patrolmen and patrolwomen by safety professionals who have a combination of 30+ years of experience, followed by daily patrolling of local neighborhoods and schools. In addition to our patrol services, we function as a liaison between New York residents and the New York Police Department by offering our translation services and guidance in knowing your rights when seeking effective help from the police.


PCF also offers a range of community and social services such as the ‘Feeding the Hungry’ program, SSI application, immigration application, housing and landlord assistance, Medicaid/Medicare, tax filing assistance, senior citizen assistance, food stamps application, and government-related referrals.

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